Eco-friendly excursions on Etna

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Protecting the environment through ecologically

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Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in continental Europe, one of the world’s most active volcanoes and a magic and primordial place.    >>



It rises to a height of over 3300 m. above the sea level, its north-south diameter is of 35 km, it has five big central craters at its top and more than 300 small craters scattered all around the volcanic area.    >>

NE crater snow&wind

In this part of Sicily the volcanism started about half million years ago and it evolved from a mostly submarine activity to the growth of many different sub-aerial volcanoes superimposed on one other.    >>


The result of this long and complex evolution is the majestic volcano that we see today, which continues to grow, to evolve and to modify restlessly the landscape.    >>

Visiting Mt. Etna we can often see side by side two different faces of nature: the moony landscape of recent lava flows and, in a surrealistic contrast, extended green areas where the vegetation, after several centuries of struggle, has re-conquered and colonized old lava fields.  >>

The peculiarities of this unique environment stretch from volcanology to  tectonics, from geology to botany, from geophysics to ornithology, interlacing with countless myths and thousands of years of recorded human history.    >>


I am a geologist, a naturalistic guide, an individual passionately fascinated by the natural world and the excursions I propose tend to emphasise all the facets of Mt. Etna in order to discover “the essence” and the energy of this charming and powerful volcano. >>


Carmelo nov 07

In my vision walking is an integral part of the experience of approaching nature and Mt. Etna is a paradise for trekking because of the presence of many trails, from pleasant easy walks to extended hikes.    >>

One of the most interesting areas, the one where I often lead my groups, is around the altitude where the wood passes to the “Astragaletum” (high altitude vegetation area) and then to the volcanic desert.    >>

During an average excursion you will be able to see craters and lava fields of different ages, volcanic bombs, fractures, lava caves, volcano-tectonic valleys (calderas), endemic plants and trees (species that grow exclusively in this area), and some of the animals, birds and insects that have adapted to survive in this rough habitat.    >>

La volpe sbadiglia

This eco-friendly project is an alternative to the many other mass tourism oriented excursions with a jeep, it is a true naturalistic excursion with a very low impact on the environment, suited for people who feel that a well balanced approach to nature can be a vehicle of personal growth and a way of harmony.


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“Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated,

they represent a bridge between the invisible and the visible.”

Paulo Coelho


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