Four elements

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Volcanoes and the four elements


Volcanoes are powerful, haunting and spectacular manifestations of the dynamics of planet Earth and they are also places  where the four primordial elements interact strongly and stand out in a very evident way.


In nature, this element is represented mainly by volcanoes. In fact, apart from lightning and rare events of spontaneous combustion, it is only in volcanic areas that this element, fire, is produced and celebrated. Volcanoes also form surface thermal anomalies and in many cases it is possible to use this geothermal energy to produce electricity or to heat buildings . The volcanoes are magical windows through which the molten material from depth of the Earth finds a way out. Volcanoes generators of Fire.


The Gaia theory sees the Earth as a living organism. We live on the outer part of the planet that represents the skin of Gaia that is renewed mainly due to the action of volcanoes that continuously create new continental and oceanic crust . In addition, the volcanoes form often a very fertile soil and for this reason in volcanic areas it is possible to find ancient human settlements despite the dangers associated with volcanism. Volcanoes generators of Earth.


Volcanoes are releasing volatiles trapped inside the earth and water vapor that can form up to 98% of the total gas emitted from a volcano . The condensation of the enormous amount of steam emitted from millions of volcanoes during the 4.6 billion years of life of Earth, has contributed greatly to form the water that abounds on the Earth and which gives the characteristic blue color of our planet as seen from space. Volcanoes generators of Water.


The air we breathe is a mixture of gas and is part of the atmosphere, the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth that has formed over time, continuously changing its composition . The volcanoes were once again among the leaders of the evolutionary cycle of the Earth, constantly emitting gases that have greatly influenced the composition of the atmosphere that surrounds our planet today , and have made ​​possible the flourishing of life. Volcanoes generators of Air.


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This post is also available in: ItalianoEspañol

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